“My work is an exploration of the wisdom of art. As a passionate artist, intuition has always guided me in my exploration of the spiritual and material worlds. An enthusiastic learner, new techniques and unique art materials drive my work to best express my passion for creativity. All of my artwork is intuitively created from the soul and honors the beauty of the Creative Spirit in us all. The inspirations afforded me in daily life make their way to reveal themselves on canvas. I am passionate also in sharing this spirit with others.”

For ten years I followed a spiritual journey that led me to create my "Divine Vessels" series.  Here is that story.

My art reflects my search for life’s meaning through the exploration of the interrelations between the spiritual, physical and emotional realms. In that search, I’ve found a myriad of “vessels” that contain and from which emanate life-giving forces. The paintings in this series utilize vessels to metaphorically contextualize the transference of energies that nourish life both physically and spiritually. Although my paintings include recognizable subjects, I’m predominantly interested in the interplay of color and form, not just representation. 


Many of the works begin with the transformation of ordinary containers, such as bottles or vases, into abstracted forms that interrelate to create a symbolic vessel. Because I am a vessel, my canvases are the vessels that carry my thoughts and emotions to the viewer. I choose historically symbolic colors such as red for “life blood,” yellow for “power,” and blue for “truth” to support the message in each painting. 

The triptych   “Divine Vessels” is the first painting in the Vessels Series that expresses my belief in the Divine Feminine and spirits that guide, inspire, and protect us. These vessels connect us to another life plane; they deliver messages and give us faith and hope. This particular triptych depicts earthly male and female figures in juxtaposition to the central divine figures as an expression of the connections between these two life planes. My palette consists of colors that support this theme expressing truth(blues); wisdom (violets/purples); power/presence (yellows/golds) and faith/peace (white).  

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About Carolyn M. Abrams: "Carolyn M. Abrams creates exquisite mixed media works of art that express profound human aspirations of a spiritual nature.  Her tactile surfaces include many layers of paint, decorative papers, lines, splatters and markings for us to explore and enter a quiet state of introspection. As the upstate New York state artist explains, “Many layers on the canvas or journal page reveal to me a story or message… a piece of wisdom”.

She has exhibited her artwork in NYC, locally in the Capital Region, online and in various magazines and art publications.  Carolyn facilitates community art classes as well as creativity coaching and workshops in her studio."