Artist Statement

You might look at my artwork and think who are all these different artists? Not many, just!  It is not the idea of perfecting one style, one technique.  It is curiosity and experimenting.....what if?  what if I add this to that, or try this technique along with another.  It is a constant exchange of ideas and techniques within my head that somehow translate into an expression of what I am seeing or is basically soul art! Using these same ideas and techniques to access my creative spirit.  

My newest galleries 
The Wisdom of Art and Soul Art are an exploration of the wisdom of art that is continually being presented to me through my soul art process.

There are times I’m working on something and I think who did this. The many layers on the canvas of paint and texture and decorative papers, lines and splatters and markings reveal to me a story. A message...a piece of wisdom. It seems only the material knows what it wants to say and I am just the facilitator. The inspirations afforded me in my daily life make their way to reveal something different from when I set out. Could it be the hand of the spirits guiding me? Something internal chooses the subject matter, the color palette or the texture. The technique varies from one learned technique to the next, or two or three on one canvas. It def has a mind of its own that paintbrush. It tells its own story.

The same can be said for any creative art. The photograph that captures, the stitches that bind, the words in a poem, the notes in the symphony, the steps in the movement. They are all layers in the story... all coming together for a reason. And in time the reason is revealed not only to the creator but the viewer as well.

Join me as I explore, experiment, experience and allow The Wisdom of Art and Soul to present itself on a journey of the ordinary and the extraordinary....a visual journey of the soul. 

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