The series "Vessels" reflects my search for life's meaning through the exploration of the interrelations between the spiritual, physical and emotional realms. In that search, I've found a myriad of "vessels" that contain and from which emanate life-giving forces. The paintings in this series utilize vessels to metaphorically contextualize the transference of energies that nourish life both physically and spiritually. Although my paintings include recognizable subjects, I'm predominantly interested in the interplay of color, form and emotion not just representation.

Many of the early works began with the transformation of ordinary containers, such as bottles or vases, into abstracted forms that interrelate to create a symbolic vessel. Because I am a vessel, my canvases are the vessels that carry my thoughts and emotions to the viewer. 

The subsequent works and subthemes, which i have been developing over the last ten years, continue to explore the myriad of possibilities associated with this theme such as ancestral spirits, horses as healers, as well as temples, sanctuaries and sacred places and abstract realism in the landscape.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as i have creating them.  This quote from my favorite poet says it all.....


                     "Know o child that each thing in the universe is a vessel,

                                 Full to the brim with wisdom and beauty.

                                Know, my child, that each thing is a drop
                            from the burning river of His infinite beauty."